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Success Story – Romeo & Juliet

     In early 2020, Paradise Parrot Rescue was contacted regarding a pair of Blue and Gold Macaws which were in bad shape… living in a smoke infested home and in a small rusted out cage. The birds were missing many feathers due to self-mutilation and poor diet. They also smelled terribly of smoke and had a film of dirt and tobacco all over them. It was also learned that their food was 100% wild bird seed from Walmart. The owner was trying to sell the birds for a total of $1200 and would not give them up to any rescue. In addition to this, due to their condition, no one was willing to purchase these birds. As a rescue, we are not in the normal position to purchase birds, but this pair just broke our hearts. We decided to share this story on our Facebook page and almost immediately, there was an overwhelming outcry of outrage over their condition and then commitments to provide for their purchase fee. Within 24 hours, we had received several donations with actually exceeded the $1200 needed to purchase these birds. Bryan, Executive Director of Paradise Parrot Rescue, was able to drive to the location where the birds were being kept, and collect them and bring them to the Rescue. There was concern that the birds would be aggressive but they immediately stepped up and would not let us put them down… as if to say, “Thank you for rescuing us!”

   Within just days we already started to notice a huge improvement. With love, a few showers, a vet visit, and a healthy diet, we saw these two come to life. They began dancing and speaking and we also saw their feathers start to grow back. Within 2 months, they had nearly grown back in their missing feathers and they looked very healthy. This male and female pair were so loving toward each other that we started calling them Romeo and Juliet.

   We decided it was time to look for their forever home. We started taking in applications and we found a wonderful home with a very experienced Macaw owner. The two soon found themselves on a very nice property with several acres, a nice and new indoor double cage, as well as a larger outdoor aviary when the weather was permitting. There were also a few other macaws there so they now had a flock to call their own. We are so pleased at how this rescue took place and we were overwhelmed by the support of our community. This is why we are here….. This is our mission… Now these two love birds can live out the rest of their lives in a clean and loving place with plenty of quality food and care. Now this is the happy ending we like to see!